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We’re more than just a facility

Our Brand Story

We started out small. Just the two of us, $800 in the bank and a baby on the way.

We put in the work. Rolled up our sleeves and just started getting things done.

We wanted to create a place for people to gather, hang out and have fun.

A place for athletes to train 365 days a year, not just when the weather was cooperating.

From the elite athlete aiming to be the best, to the senior men’s league on Thursday mornings to little league tryouts to birthday parties.

A place where teams and athletes can get what they need for the sport they love.

Sport has given us so much and it brings us together. Like family. A community.

Absolute Sports is a way for us to honour Jeff Gidney, our Dad and father-in-law, who was instrumental in the development of baseball in Calgary and Western Canada. He was generous, fun, loved his team and took care of others. He was the last to leave and the first to make sure you were included and felt comfortable.

He was absolute.

He would love that we have expanded to include more sports, in a facility open to the public, with an elite coaching team and providing all the best gear. He would also love our Bullpen Sports retail store.

So come in. Sit down. Raise a glass. Let’s cheer.

To sports.

We’re a family

Absolute Sports recognizes and supports the importance of working alongside our community. From youth hockey teams to non-profit organizations, we welcome the opportunity to chat about how we can work with you. Why? We believe:


Community enhances sense of belonging


Community encourages social support


Community builds trust in society


Community encourages sharing and acceptance


Community encourages giving and volunteering


Community evolves new ideas and inventions


Community fosters personal and professional growth


Community offers security


Community improves quality of life

Get To Know Our Team

Neil Gidney

Owner Absolute Sports

Neil Gidney is an all-around sports enthusiast. Born in Thompson, Manitoba Neil spent his childhood playing many sports, including hockey to which he was rewarded with a scholarship to NCAA Div 1 School; Northern Michigan University. Neil brings the calm to any storm and his determination and work ethic are truly inspiring. Neil enjoys involvement in both competitive soccer and competitive hockey as he works alongside his own two children to attain their high level sport goals.

Brenley Gidney

Owner Absolute Sports

Brenley Gidney knows first hand the importance of creating a welcoming and safe environment. As a former Youth Support Worker, Mental Health Worker and Family Strategist for Foster Care, Brenley believes that everyone should have the opportunity to explore the benefits of sport. Brenley has enjoyed the journey of learning design and implementation as she handles all team and custom apparel for Bullpen Sports. Brenley is thankful for the opportunities and life skills that sport has given her own teenage sons.

Eva Hasell

Administrator Absolute Sports

Eva Hasell leverages over a decade of experience in operational support in her role as Administrator of Absolute Sports. While she holds a psychology degree, she enjoys building relationships and prides herself on her organization and communication skills as she multi-tasks across a broad spectrum of responsibilities. Having watched her own children play competitive ringette and hockey, Eva recognized the many benefits of youth sport and developed a passion for being involved. As a result, she has assisted many sport organizations, taking on a variety of leadership and administrative roles. In her free time, Eva still volunteers in the community and likes to travel with her daughter to national competitions.

Lesson Request

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